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Production of automatic packaging machines behalf of third parties

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Optimisation of production processes


Digitization of all processes


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45 years of experience

For 45 years we have been building automatic machines

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Subcontractors specialized in the production of packaging machines

Our production system can add value to the product, the orders grow along the production chain following a digitized process. Our system tracks all activities at all times, constantly collects production data and supports the work of each operator by actively interacting.

The customer can follow the process step by step being informed about the production’s progress in real time.


Operating procedures are digitized, production sequences are transferred to a software that provides each operator with the correct information, in the right place, at the right time.

Everything is conceived to bring out the value and reduce waste.

years of experience


Latest Projects

Elimination of the warehouse

The customer is a well-known company that produces industrial carton formers in the now renowned area of the packaging valley. The need was to reduce the number of machines available in stock.

Very fast plant construction

The customer is an important producer of automatic lines and plants for the production and packaging of food products. The need was to build an extremely large plant in a very short time.

Realization of customized machines

The customer is an important manufacturer of machines for the food industry.

His need was to have very quickly customized machines for his sector.

The advantages of Lean Production

We have tested and innovated until we have reached levels of efficiency that make us a reference point in the Lean methodology.

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Nuova Comega is the ideal partner for the construction of packaging machines. As contractors we have decided to invest in Lean production systems. The philosophy of Lean Production has made us a reference in industrial production.

Nuova Comega builds packaging machines for third parties.

Via Ferruccio Parri, 954 47522 Cesena FC

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Via Ferruccio Parri, 954, 47522 Cesena FC

+39 0547 331565