A productive customized chain for every customer

Realization for third parties of automatic machines turnkey for packaging industry

1) Complete turnkey realization of the project.

Nuova Comega completely realizes the project provided by the customer, taking care of all phases of the production process following the principles of “Lean Production”. Starting from the construction of the mechanical components, passing to the procurement of commercial components (we are also available to receive part of the material on account), until the final assembly of the machine, which will be delivered in your hands.

2) Exclusive assembly service.

We perform mechanical assembly of any kind. Our employees will then take care of the assembly and what is required, according to the specifications agreed in the project. The professionalism and passion that we put into our work, with the preparation of our technicians, allow us to offer all our customers a quality service always performed safely according to customer specifications and assembly schemes.

3) Carpentry supply service.

We realize frames and/or details on drawing, both standard and special. Through 45 years of experience, combined with a continuous technological development, we carry out medium light metal carpentry work for the production of any type of steel product.
All the details, complete with the relative surface treatments, are confirmed in a precise and qualified way, following the specific directives of the drawing, ready to be assembled.


Do you make complete automatic machines?
Yes, our customers provide us with a project with bill of materials and construction drawings and we manufacture the complete machine.
Commercial materials, e.g. engines, cylinders, etc.. Do you buy them yourself or do you receive them on account?
It is preferable to receive them on account, but we can also purchase them directly.
Do you also supply only carpentry?
Yes, we also make supplies of carpentry only.
Do you also carry out assembly-only service with supplied material entirely on the job account?
Yes, we provide this service.
Do you realize painting only service?
No the painting department is at exclusive service of the internal production.
Do you carry out assistance or installation service?
Yes, but only alongside our customers’ technicians.
Can you create complete lines?
Yes, compatibly with the size of the line, always receiving design, bills of materials and construction drawings from our customers.

Our references

Nuova Comega is the ideal partner for the construction of packaging machines. As contractors we have decided to invest in Lean production systems. The philosophy of Lean Production has made us a reference in industrial production.

Nuova Comega builds packaging machines for third parties.

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