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Zeroing the machines in the customer’s warehouse

  • Line type: Lean
  • Sector: Packaging
  • Project Type: Construction of forming machines 

Sacmi Packaging

The customer is a well-known company that produces industrial carton forming machines in the now renowned packaging valley area.

The need was to reduce the number of machines available in stock, without sacrificing delivery time.

The solution we proposed was to transform the production that was entrusted to us for large batches into just-in-time organized production in the face of a previous planning; specifically, through a schedule order, we make available all the necessary components for the machine at our premises, if necessary we realize the welded frame just in time and in 6 days we are able to deliver the finished machine to the customer in 7 different models.


1. Zeroing of the number of machines in prompt delivery;

2. Constant availability of a considerable number of spare parts in prompt delivery at our premises.

Our references

Nuova Comega is the ideal partner for the construction of packaging machines. As contractors we have decided to invest in Lean production systems. The philosophy of Lean Production has made us a reference in industrial production.

Nuova Comega builds packaging machines for third parties.

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