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To develop a productive system more and more advanced

We address to machine builders

To all companies which project and develop automatic machines for packaging industry and food packaging, which need to cut down delivery times and costs, reducing intermediate and final stocks, Nuova Comega Srl since more than 40 years develops automatic machines turnkey following the core principles of the lean production, starting from the building components to the final machine.

45 years of experience

We boast 45 years of experience in building and assembly of automatic machines for packaging; thank to a qualified staff with good problem solving skills, we can define standards in the whole production also thank to a mechanical workshop, ready for the realisation of the ended project. Every step in productive terms is dedicated to a perfect product, minimizing costs and time of realization.

Lean Organisation of the productive processes

Thank to more than 40 years of activity we can apply in a organic way principles and methods of lean production reaching excellence in operative processes in adequation of productive capability starting from questioning to elimination of waste.

Complete Digitization of productive processes

The complete digitization of productive processes in every working space and the flessibility of our productive system led us to introduce control in process and control vision systems error-proof constantly verifying the advance of production with the possibility to replan.

Turnkey realisation of the complete machine

Nuova Comega will be your only speaker if you need to outsource part of your production also for small batches in order to reduce delivery times, intermediate and final stocks, increasing the quality level of the turnkey product.


Working method

Every division follows a completely digitized process, studied in order to synchronize all the working phases and to guarantee a constant production of high reliability and efficiency.


Academy and formation

All the internal learning is conceived following a direct and practical path, with precise references to every day’s activities in order to connect theoretical formation and practical experience.


Continuously innovation

We are constantly looking for organizational solutions that improve working conditions, minimize production waste, and maximize people’s performance.

In this activity we identify new technologies and innovative processes that can be implemented in the short and medium term in our production system, to always anticipate future business scenarios as a function of technological development.

About our Team

Since 45 years we give our customers all our experience and professional. For us team means being together to a shared vision, orienting our individual objectives to well planned business objectives.

Every production unit follows a productive flood completely digitized, studied in order to synchronize all the working phases in order to guarantee a very reliable high quality production.

Vision: continue innovation and digitization of processes in order to guarantee flexibility and reliability, thank to an organization inspired to lean production, supported by powerful softwares.

Mission: develop a productive system more and more advanced and digitized in order to offer the highest quality and the best service. Our ambition is to become the partnership model for all the leaders in the field.



Ivan Gentili

Ivan Gentili

NUOVA COMEGA Srl Administrator and name partner since 2002. His vision is oriented to innovation and digitization of productive processes.
Fabrizio Andreoli

Fabrizio Andreoli

Head of production in NUOVA COMEGA Srl of which is also name partner. His vision is oriented to a 360° optimization of processes.

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They say about us:

“Every time I come to visit you I always see something new, better than before.” M. R.

“You are always available, and intervene promptly.” A. M.

“You have an enviable team of work, young, smart and full of energy.” F. C.

Our references

Nuova Comega is the ideal partner for the construction of packaging machines. As contractors we have decided to invest in Lean production systems. The philosophy of Lean Production has made us a reference in industrial production.

Nuova Comega builds packaging machines for third parties.

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