Lean Production

Thank to lean production we have obtained big results for our customers

With lean production you can obtain:

  • Wasting reduction 80% 80%

Up to 80% of wasting reduction

  • Production 50% 50%

Production cost savings of up to 50%

  • Less warehouse 90% 90%

Reduce warehouse inventory by up to 90%

  • Same quality 100% 100%

Maintain high quality standards with significant cost reductions

  • Labour productivity 50% 50%

HR productivity grows up to 50%

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Lean production and development of a 4.0 vision of the factory

Our productive system consists in an organic system of innovative techniques, dedicated to the progress of productive system and to the maintenance of quality.
In this sense we can see a flow in which demand is sustained within the cycle.

All the automatic machines, in behalf of third parties, are realized on specific digitized productive lines and develop in the hands of specialized technicians, since frame and component construction to testing.

Everything happens just in sequence with maximum flexibility, according to a daily schedule that our customers, connected at all times with our factory, can change as needed, to be able to respond effectively to the demands of an increasingly volatile market and in constant search for customized products.

The production system that we have developed has allowed us to optimize the company organization, significantly reduce inefficiencies and waste and improving delivery times.

For years we have been constantly engaged in research and development to innovate our production process and make it more flexible, streamlined and effective, helping us with all the technology available on the market.

Our organization’s modell takes inspiration from Lean Production system:

1. Definition of how client is real dispose to pay;

2. Identification of all the actions that can be bring to product developement;

3. Realize according to the flow model;

4. Approach to activities following the pull and not push logic, so realization of an activity only if it is required by downstream process;

5. Pursuit of perfection through continuous improvement.

evolving in a new organizative model which introduces real plus:

1. Total transparence: the costumer acts directly on his productive planification;

2. Total flexibility: the system allows the productive replanification;

3. Total evolution: Everything is cyclically in changing trying to find a wealth, natural and sustainable productive evolution;

4. Sharing and total use of computer technology: computer multiplies productive efficiency;

5. Complete sharing of know how: the system has the know how and it spreads it completely.

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Nuova Comega is the ideal partner for the construction of packaging machines. As contractors we have decided to invest in Lean production systems. The philosophy of Lean Production has made us a reference in industrial production.

Nuova Comega builds packaging machines for third parties.

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